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Stay At Home Scarface

RRP $20.00

Everyone thought Tony Montana died when his mansion was raided, but it takes more than being shot in the back and falling off a balcony to stop ol Scarface. So what really happened to Tony? He retired from the drug game and became a stay-at-home dad. Say hello to Tony s new little friend: His newborn son! In this adult activity storybook, Tony now has mountains of baby powder on his desk, and when he takes someone for a ride, it s the Dumbo ride at Disneyland. The only thing that gives Tony orders is babies. Babies, you got that?"

Get Fit, Healthy And Staying That Way, 40+

RRP $14.99

Get Fit, Healthy and Stay That Way 40+ Don't be afraid of asking for help when you're looking to improve your weight, fitness, or recover from some form of debilitating lifestyle condition, especially when you're 40+. Where you haven't completed any exercise in a while, this book is a great tool to help you understand the simple steps required for starting a fitness plan - and, most importantly, how to get started. I will not make false promises of magic fat loss or meteoric fitness gains. Rather, I'll help you understand how each part of your lifestyle can be adjusted to help you achieve those changes necessary for good, long term, sustainable improvement. Your age is irrelevant. Male or female doesn't matter. What is essential is your commitment to get fit, healthy and stay that way as you age. Your benefits: Improve your weight Have more energy Reduced risk of heart disease and cancer Enjoy a more invigorating lifestyle The book is divided into a logical step-by-step approach which, when followed, will support you to ensure your changes are organised - and how they interact with each other in a way that helps you achieve success. Actions: Start with an honest assessment of your current health and fitness Record your measurements and fitness tests Set goals which you can measure Decide on an exercise plan and find out which exercises are best for you Review your diet and nutrition to understand what changes will help you If you are overweight and have been inactive for any period of time your risk of developing heart or kidney problems, diabetes and cancers, is considerably higher than it should be according to The World Health Organisation WHO and the NHS. In this book I am going to show you how your exercise activity helps you to take control or your lifestyle and benefit from improved health and fitness. I want to see you being able to run around with the kids, feel better about your body and enjoy a new energy for life. This can be achieved if you trust yourself. If you struggle you can tell me about it. We can share your unique experience and I can help you succeed as I offer follow up advice or training programmes online if you need additional support.

Pray Your Way Through A Hospital Stay

RRP $39.99

During the summer of 2010, Catherine Reed learned she had a brain tumor. In preparing for the challenging road ahead, Catherine relied on her faith and expected the best, despite the known risks. But what she did not expect was for God to choose that moment to bless her with a life-changing revelation.

As she lay on a gurney awaiting surgery, Catherine closed her eyes to visualize the comforting message of the psalm her husband was reading aloud. Moments later, she felt pressure on her shoulder. Catherine opened her eyes expecting to see her husband, but instead, saw a large hand turned so she could clearly see the nail hole in His palm. Catherine was filled with joy. Jesus was with her. After the surgery as she lay in the intensive care unit for days, Catherine details how God pulled her closer and revealed how prayer would become an integral part of her healing journey.

Pray Your Way through a Hospital Stay shares one woman's powerful testimony of how she prayed for herself and others throughout her illness and recovery, ultimately encouraging other hospital patients to find the same peace, healing, and love through their own quiet conversations with God.


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